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Whitetail Hunting

Every fall hunters throughout America and Canada live for the opening of deer hunting season. Whether it’s gun or bow, whitetails are in the crosshairs. Thousands of hunters in the US and Canada are hoping to bag the trophy buck. This is not accomplished without being prepared. Part of their preparation begins with knowing the land they are on and knowing the Whitetail deer population in the area. Trophy hunters know there are two very important elements to stalking that 12 point buck. The first is, they are out in the woods every chance they can and secondly, they are always in their stand watching and learning. Every hunter loves the thrill of the chase, the adrenaline rush of trying to bag a trophy buck during their season is what gets us ready for the Rut. It’s not about bragging rights, but the challenge and proving to yourself you can do it. Hunting is a complicated sport, so many variables comes into play. This means that whitetail hunting requires knowledge of these factors and adaptation to them.

Every hunter knows the lung and heart areas are the most vulnerable however, hitting those areas is a different story. Any guided hunter you speak with has their tips on how to get the good shot. Every article you read has tips on gun and bow strategies for hitting the vital shots. Until you are practicing those ideas, they remain one of the hardest places to hit. Some other tips that are helpful is learning how to locate ridgelines and deer trails. You need to learn how they move and where they are likely to feed. If you know they are drawn to corn fields, then you want to find a funnel between two fields to put your stand so you can have a vantage point so you can see them in thick cover. On a guided tour you will find where the ideal locations for finding the perfect buck. One of the best strategies is to locate the watering holes. They must drink water every day, so finding their watering hole increases your chances of home in on plenty of does and bucks.

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