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How to Make a Hunter’s Survival Kit

This is one thing that every hunter should carry with them. Each hunter should have a backpack or fanny pack that carries not only the essentials they need such as ammo or other accessories but also survival equipment. We all hope that all of our hunting trips are safe but there are some things that happen that we have no control of. We need to be prepared when some of the situations arrive. Some of the things we need to carry with us in a survival kit could make a difference in life or death. Take the time and gather some of these things that are not expensive but can be lifesaving.


Most of the hunters today have really high tech GPS systems on their phones and are equipped with handheld GPS systems. These are great to have on hand and are easy to use. What would happen if you do not have service or your system is losing power? Man has used a compass to navigate for a long time. Be sure to include a simple compass in your kit so you will know which direction you are traveling. The North and South Pole have been in the same place for centuries.

Knives and flashlights

Be sure to include these to essentials in your kit. You will need your flashlight to help you get around if you are caught in the woods after dark. Make sure you have fresh batteries in your flashlight and pack an extra set of batteries just in case. Make sure you have a sharp knife on hand. Every hunter should have a knife with them so they will be able to field dress game and also to have on hand to help cut branches for things such as a fire or shelter.

Waterproof matches and survival blanket

These two object may not seem like much but if you are lost and nighttime falls you will be glad you have them with you for a warming fire and shelter for the night. Most of your hunting is done during the winter months. Be sure to have a pair of gloves and a knit cap for your head to help hold your body heat.

Trail mix and water

These will not cure hunger but they will help you to keep your strength up if you are in a situation where you have to spend the night in the woods. You can also pack water purification tablets with you so you can purify any other water source that is available to you. Candy bars will also help you to keep your strength up as well as keeping you from being hungry.

Cellphones or two way radios

Communication is essential for every hunter. Most hunters today use two way radios. Each hunter in your group can carry one of these radios in the case of an emergency or if they need help in some manner. These radios have the capability to change the channels so that each hunter can be on the same channel. The two way radio is the better option of the two because you are not always guaranteed to have cell phone service. Always stay in touch with your hunting party

These are just a few suggestions to help you create a survival pack that every hunter should pack with them. No matter when or where your hunt is we have no control over every situation. Your survival is the most important option you have.

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