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Common Mistakes Every Hunter has made at Least Once

No matter how much preparation we put in and plan, we will always seem to have things happen to us on our hunting trips. Some of these things can easily be prevented and some of these things just happen regardless of the effort we put in. We check our list and we make sure that our bags or packed. We check our backpacks to be sure that we have all we need. Even if we have everything we need, there are still some circumstances arrive where we can have a great or embarrassing story to tell around the camp after the hunt.

Forget something

No matter how much you double check your equipment or baggage a hunter at some time in his hunting life will forget something that will have a great impact on his trip. I have forgotten things such as a compass or GPS only to find myself lost on a new piece of property I was scouting. Many stories have been told about hunters forgetting things as important as their hunting license or stamps only to be checked out later and ticketed because they didn’t have these documents with them. Every hunter at some point or time will forget something very important. It will happen no matter how much preparation you have done.

Shoot too quickly

If you have ever hunted at all you know that patience is something that you will have to develop and teach yourself. We can set in a stand for many hours only to be impatient when the time comes to make that shot. We are always afraid that our game is not going to be there long. Many of us know what is like when we spot the game and our heart gets to beating. It is hard to calm ourselves down and be patient for the right moment. Many of us have made long shots with our bows while we were bow hunting only to spook off our game. We have even moved around to quickly only to spook our game off with the noise we create. Every hunter at one time has made this mistake.

Being too permissive

You as a hunter are always searching and finding new places to hunt. When we do find a new place or join a lease we take a lot of time to prepare that special place for us to hunt. We plant several plots and we prepare stands at several different places. Every hunter at some time has invited someone to hunt with them on a new lease or a piece of property. Once or twice is fine. One mistake hunters make is letting to many other hunter enjoy what they have worked so hard to prepare. To many different people hunting the same area is not good. You should keep the area to yourself or join a lease with only a few members.

Move your location

This is a common mistake that every hunter has made. We will hunt a certain stand or food plot for a couple of days and not see anything. Usually after two days most of your less experienced hunters will relocate to another spot. You need to be patient as a hunter. If you are a deer hunter you know that bucks are territorial and usually if they are in the area it will take at least three days for them to make their way through their territory. Be patient.

Track too quickly

We are all anxious when we make the kill. It has paid off and we have finally made the shot we have practiced over and over again. One critical mistake that many hunters have made is tracking their game too early. Make sure you give your game time to bleed out and die. If you do not give them the opportunity you will be on a chase because a wounded animal will not quit traveling. Make a good shot and be patient.

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