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Top Choices for Compound Hunting Bows

You have been bow hunting for a few seasons now and you find out that you have developed a passion for hunting bows. You are ready now to upgrade to a hunting bow that will meet your newly acquired need that you have discovered since you started on your quest as a bow hunter. This can be an expensive upgrade but you are willing to spend the money it takes for the next level. There are many choices out there to choose from. My best advice to you is to take a trip to your local bow shop and try out several bows to see what they have to offer. Keep in mind: most bow hunting for big game begins in late August or early September in northern states or Canadian Provinces, and slightly later in southern states. We will take a look at some top bow choices that are available to you.

Mathews MR5 Compound Hunting Bow

This bow comes from a company that is very well known for their quality and performance. The MR5 is one of the fastest bows on the market today. This bow can be used to hunt small game as well as carrying the punch for large game such as moose and elk. This bow has a hefty starting price but look at what the price includes.

-Max. Draw Weight: 80 LBS
-Draw Length: 30”
-Let Off: 80%
-Speed: 360 FPS
-Axle to Axle: 33”

Bowtech Insanity CPX

This is another bow that carries a great reputation. It also carries with it blistering speed.

This is another great option for a choice of bow that packs a powerful punch. This bow has a high draw weight that makes it capable to hunt large game such as bear, moose, and elk. This bow will provide you performance year after year. This Bowtech bow carries with it some impressive specs.

-Max. Draw Weight: 80LBS
-Max Draw Length: 30”
-Let Off: 80%
-Speed: 355 FPS
-Axle to Axle: 32”

Darton DS-3900

The Darton name has also been a long standing name in the bow hunting industry. They continue to develop quality equipment year end and year out. This latest bow has the ability to allow you to hunt small game as well as larger game such as coyote and deer. This bow does however lack the big punch for larger game such as moose and elk. This Darton bow still gives you a reliable and impressive performance in the field.

-Max. Draw Weight: 70 LBS
-Max Draw Length: 30”
-Let Off: 80%
-Speed: 355 FPS
-Axle to Axle: 32.875”

Whatever your choice may be in your upgrade make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instruction on maintenance and up keep for your new hunting bows. Take a bow hunter’s safety course to help keep you up to date with the latest safety techniques. Always practice all year round to help keep your strength and shooting ability as sharp as you can. Regardless of the type of archery you shoot: practice makes perfect. Make sure you visit your local bow shop and speak to a hunting bow expert before you make your next purchase.

Are you missing your hunting bow in our test? Write us your opinion about these hunting bows in the comment section below!

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Hunting Supplies

Hunting season is soon approaching and you definitely want to have all the necessary hunting supplies for the game you are chasing. Whether you are seeking duck or deer, you have to have all the accessories required to make the hunt more fun and a lot more successful.

Those on a budget might wonder how they can afford such items. Buying used might not be their first choice and, thanks to access to a solid discount supply shop, you never have to rely exclusively on buying second hand merchandise.

Gear required for hunters comes in many forms. Nothing can undermine the fun of a hunting trek than having the wrong clothing. New outdoor clothes help you stay warm and dry when the weather takes a less than desirable turn.

The merchandise you need might be best purchased long before hunting season arrives. Shooting supplies such as deer targets could prove to be a valuable investment. The more practice you get at the range, then the better your skill is going to be when the season is upon you.

You may even wish to stock up on duck decoys so you can draw in waterfowl without any trouble. Old, worn decoys are not going to do the trick. You have to replace them at some point or another or else they are going to have little value. Then again, this could be said of any outdoors or shooting merchandise. The time does eventually come when you have to upgrade. Why not buy them at a decent discount and do so in as far in advance as possible?

A good discount supply shop is definitely going to act as your friend when the time comes to stock up. No matter what time of the year it is, you surely can purchase the items you require without very much trouble. That said, you should take an inventory of the items you require so you do not have to worry about being short on anything.

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Hunting Gear

Hunting season is a special time of the year that many people look forward to. This is a great time to get outdoors and spend time with friends and family. Finding the right hunting gear to hunt with is very important. This will insure your success when you are hunting. You will have a much better time with the proper hunting gear. Whether you are turkey or deer hunting will determine the type of equipment that you will need to use. Archery is much better for turkeys, while the right firearms are best for deer.

When you are looking for the right equipment, you will want to look for good deals as well. Good deals can be found in many different stores in your area. You will need to look for a local store that offers cheap equipment that you can use. This cheap equipment will most of the time be discounted because it is used. Just because it is used does not mean that the item is going to break on you. There are many great items on discount just because they aren’t brand new. This doesn’t mean that there are big problems with the equipment.

When you go out on your hunt, you need to assure that you have all of the right equipment for camping as well. This is only true if you are planning on staying overnight. There is a lot of camping equipment that is available as well. Finding all of this equipment for your hunt at a reasonable price is easily accessible on the internet. Searching online will give you the ability to really find the exact equipment that you are looking for at a very reasonable price. You will no longer have to search through all of the stores for the prices that you really need.

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Hunting Clothes

Why is wearing the right hunting clothes imperative for a pleasant hunting or outdoor experience?

Most people wait for that time of year when they get to go in the woods in search of a big buck. The next outdoor adventure for of the season wouldn’t be complete without the right clothing and equipment. Many people spend a great deal on having the perfect bow or gun, but they spend little time making sure they have the right clothes. There are certain things that must be worn in the woods not only protection but to blend in with the surroundings. Camo clothes were made so that army and hunters could intermingle into their environment and not stand out too much. This is imperative when hunting, as the deer would steer clear of any human.

There are many things that a hunter can choose to wear into the woods. For starters, something orange is good for safety. Whether it is an orange vest or a hat of the bright color, it is essential to allow other hunters the ability to see each other. The goal is not to blend in so well there is a risk of being shot. This is especially true in areas where it is overpopulated with hunters looking for a deer.

Even though in Texas it doesn’t get that cold, during the prime hunting seasons there are times when the temperatures are chilly. Having a jacket with pockets is always a good article of clothing to have on any hunt. Camo hunting clothes are really popular right now and they can be found in several color pallets. From pink for a woman to bright orange varieties, there is something for everyone.

When going on the next big hunting adventure remember two things, safety and warmth. When choosing what to wear, make sure there is something that can both be protective and also provide warmth on cool days.

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