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Things You Would Never Expect about Hunting

I was fortunate enough to be raised in South Louisiana where outdoor activities and hunting were taking place everywhere. Hunting was a big part of my life. I lived on the Bogue Chitto River in Franklinton, La. My father gave me a 20 gauge single shot shotgun for Christmas at an early age. He taught me how to safely use my shotgun and how to take care of it the right way. I am 52 years old and this shotgun is still in my possession. My father raised me up in the woods. Over the years there are some things that I begin to really appreciate about hunting and the great outdoors. There are some things that you just can’t get from any other sport but hunting.

Peace and serenity

When you are in the woods and in your stand or hunting on the ground you will get a since of peace and serenity that you cannot get while facing the hustle and bustle of your everyday routine. I love to sit and hear the quiet sounds of the woods. A lot of times I can clear my head of things that went on during the day and have a clearer understanding of some of the situations that arises in life. This beneficial quit time is something that I never thought I could take advantage of while hunting.

Friendship development

Each year we travel to North Louisiana to do bow hunting at a national forest. The people that we have met up there that return each year have become great friends of mine. It really doesn’t matter what part of the country you hunt when you make a hunting trip and you run across other hunters you have a bond that seems to happen between hunters. As you travel from state to state you will notice the hunters at rest areas, restaurants, hotels, and other places. It seems like an unwritten rule that when you see another hunter you have to go introduce yourself.

Gratification and accomplishment

Ever since I have made my first kill I have felt a sense of gratitude and accomplishment. You put in a lot of hard work to kill your first animal of each year. When you are bow hunting it takes practice to make sure that your shots are true and on target. While you are rifle hunting you have to take the time to get to know your rifle and how it works. Whenever you make that first kill every year you feel as though you have done everything right. That is the since of gratification and accomplishment that you get while you are hunting. It is just a joy trying.

Respect for the game you are hunting

As a hunter it does not matter what game you hunt you do gain a respect for the animal you hunt. From the first time you see a small deer with spots nursing to the first time you see small rabbits you will develop a respect for the game. You as a hunter has the responsibility to help preserve our game. As a hunter you will develop as I did a great respect for the game you hunt. If you haven’t developed this respect you haven’t become a true hunter.

Wild game cuisine

Wild game has its’ own unique flavor. From sausage to tenderloin you have to learn how to cook the game you kill. Once you develop the skills to harvest and prepare your game there is no other great taste in the world. The game you hunt can give you some of the best tasting and robust meals you have ever sunken your teeth into. I taught myself how to prepare my game meals and they are great. Wild game is more lean and a great healthy choice when it comes to food.

These are just a few things that I didn’t expect from hunting when I first started hunting. Each year I hunt I learn something new and hope that I have many more hunts left in my lifetime.

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Common Mistakes Every Hunter has made at Least Once

No matter how much preparation we put in and plan, we will always seem to have things happen to us on our hunting trips. Some of these things can easily be prevented and some of these things just happen regardless of the effort we put in. We check our list and we make sure that our bags or packed. We check our backpacks to be sure that we have all we need. Even if we have everything we need, there are still some circumstances arrive where we can have a great or embarrassing story to tell around the camp after the hunt.

Forget something

No matter how much you double check your equipment or baggage a hunter at some time in his hunting life will forget something that will have a great impact on his trip. I have forgotten things such as a compass or GPS only to find myself lost on a new piece of property I was scouting. Many stories have been told about hunters forgetting things as important as their hunting license or stamps only to be checked out later and ticketed because they didn’t have these documents with them. Every hunter at some point or time will forget something very important. It will happen no matter how much preparation you have done.

Shoot too quickly

If you have ever hunted at all you know that patience is something that you will have to develop and teach yourself. We can set in a stand for many hours only to be impatient when the time comes to make that shot. We are always afraid that our game is not going to be there long. Many of us know what is like when we spot the game and our heart gets to beating. It is hard to calm ourselves down and be patient for the right moment. Many of us have made long shots with our bows while we were bow hunting only to spook off our game. We have even moved around to quickly only to spook our game off with the noise we create. Every hunter at one time has made this mistake.

Being too permissive

You as a hunter are always searching and finding new places to hunt. When we do find a new place or join a lease we take a lot of time to prepare that special place for us to hunt. We plant several plots and we prepare stands at several different places. Every hunter at some time has invited someone to hunt with them on a new lease or a piece of property. Once or twice is fine. One mistake hunters make is letting to many other hunter enjoy what they have worked so hard to prepare. To many different people hunting the same area is not good. You should keep the area to yourself or join a lease with only a few members.

Move your location

This is a common mistake that every hunter has made. We will hunt a certain stand or food plot for a couple of days and not see anything. Usually after two days most of your less experienced hunters will relocate to another spot. You need to be patient as a hunter. If you are a deer hunter you know that bucks are territorial and usually if they are in the area it will take at least three days for them to make their way through their territory. Be patient.

Track too quickly

We are all anxious when we make the kill. It has paid off and we have finally made the shot we have practiced over and over again. One critical mistake that many hunters have made is tracking their game too early. Make sure you give your game time to bleed out and die. If you do not give them the opportunity you will be on a chase because a wounded animal will not quit traveling. Make a good shot and be patient.

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4 Reasons Why Hunters are Healthier

Hunters are adventurous people, who like to spend their time waiting for their prey, targeting and hunting every step of the way. They have a knack for finding their prey and then abide their time, until just the right moment, then they strike, and WHAM, the prey is their’s for the taking. Hunting is quite an exciting way to live your life.

Have you ever wondered how all hunters are always so fit and healthy? They are always ready to take on any challenge, and fit to handle anything that comes their way. Here are the top 5 reasons why hunters are healthier than many other people.

Always On the Move

Hunters always spend their time in the wilderness, trekking, or tracking down their prey. They walk a lot, sometimes, for hours on end, which is one of the reasons for their good health. They spend time scouring the area for any sign of their prey and then waiting for the perfect chance to take the shot. Even a moment’s hesitation can result in the loss of their prey.

They Eat What They Hunt

They are adept at cooking the meat they obtain from their prey. Eating this meat helps them in staying even healthier than eating the meat found in grocery stores. This is particularly because it contains fewer calories, and because of its freshness, tastes even more delicious. The meat is leaner, as the animals in the wild are more active, thereby, increasing the health benefits obtained from it. They also contain lesser fat, which is exactly what you require in a healthy meal.

Experience Lower Stress

Hunters are accustomed to spending most of their time outdoors, and eating freshly hunted meat, all their lives. Numerous benefits can be gained by eating freshly hunted and carved out meat. Along with this, they also experience lower levels of stress than other people do, by being in the wilderness, and this are free from most stress related health problems. These days most people face serious health issues because they are stressed out; hunters usually do not face such problems.


Another key factor, which makes hunters healthier than many people, is the amount of exercise they do. In order to keep up with their prey, whether it be a fast animal, or a bird, they must be extremely active. Exercise is extremely important when it comes to remaining fit and healthy, and hunters do it many times during the day. Hunters make sure that they are able to keep pace with the animal they hunt, so that the change is well worth all the effort.

These are the four reasons why hunters are healthier than most people are. Because they spend most of their time outdoors, their stamina and physical fitness is exceptionally good. Apart from this, the intake of healthy diet, equips them with greater energy, which is exerted during their excursions into the wilderness. These people are born to experience the world in its natural form, and enjoy life to the fullest by doing what they love.

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5 Places Where You Should Try Out Hunting
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5 Places Where You Should Try Out Hunting

Are you a passionate hunter who just can’t get enough of this adrenaline pumping passion?

Are you thinking about all those places, where you can truly enjoy hunting?

If your answer to any of the aforementioned questions is yes, then you have landed on the right page. The art of hunting sets you up against nature. Test your survival skills out in the real world and gather your wits, for this recreational activity will take your breath away. Let’s find out all those places you should definitely choose as your hunting grounds.


South Africa

When you hear the word hunting, the first place that should come to your mind is South Africa. The wildlife is magnificent, making it a marvelous experience to scour the area for your prey. The feeling of nature surrounding you, with your prey in sight makes for a thrilling adventure. You can be sure to get yourself a challenge in these primeval grounds. Foreign visitors can take part in hunts especially organized for hunters.

Visit the Kruger National Park, Kalahari Gemsbok National park, and Pilanesberg Game Reserve for a thrilling and exciting time. These places offer big opportunities to hunt animals of all kinds, making them some of the highest visited places by hunters from all over the world.


What a stunning place this is, and guess what, it offers exceptional chances for hunting your hearts out, until you are completely satisfied. Often referred to as the “African Hunter’s Paradise”, the game reserves and national parks are just what you need to kick off the hunting season. With numerous game reserves specifically created for hunters, like the Selous Game Reserve, this place is the ultimate hunting destination.


Namibia is one of the most popular hunting destinations for Europeans. People travel from all over the world to this exotic location to experience the joy of hunting. So you can be sure to find many diverse creatures here, making the overall experience very interesting. There is always something for everyone, animals, or birds, take your pick and start on this exciting journey.


Mozambique is packed with wild forests, swamps, palm forests, and everything else that makes this place the ideal hunting ground. Its hunting industry is thriving these days, attracting many hunters, from all walks of life, who visit to fulfill their passion. Lions, elephants, leopards, and Cape buffalo are some of the prized trophies this place offers. If you still haven’t visited this amazing place, pack your bags and start your journey.


The untouched and stunning landscape of this beautiful country holds such beautiful wildlife, that it makes every hunter’s wildest dream come true. Mount Durmitor, Crmnica, Skadarsko Jezero, Ulcinj and many other hunting grounds are open, where hunters can hunt to their heart’s desire. Find all kinds of species here and take a prize home with you.

So, wait no more, and pack your bags for a hunting experience like no other in these spectacular places. You will not be disappointed.

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