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5 Things Only Hunters Will Understand

There is nothing like setting around a campfire or getting together in the evening after a day of hunting and listening to the stories of the hunt that was made that day. You hear some successful stories and you hear some stories that only hunters would understand and pay attention to. If you are a part of the unique group known as a hunter you are a part of a special group that all people do not understand. The dedication and love for the sport is something that all people will not find to be one of their favorite things to do. Some people are huge sports fans and could set and watch sports for hours. We will attempt to look at and understand some of the things hunters do and try to understand the reasoning behind them.

Practice and maintenance

A hunter’s equpiment is his most important asset that he has. If it is a rifle, shotgun, pistol, compound hunting bow, or crossbow. No matter which piece of equipment he is using it takes a lot of practice to be able to shoot your equipment accurately and safely. Hunters also spend a lot of time maintaining their equipment to assure that when the times comes for that once in a lifetime shot they are prepared. A lot of money is also spent to help keep extra ammo on hand and to keep up with the latest developments in hunting equipment. A hunter wants to be a step ahead of the next hunter.

Hunting preparation and the hunt

Hunting is almost always open in the fall and winter months. It can be an all year event to stay prepared for the next hunting season. We take time to search out and lease hunting lands so we will always be guaranteed a place to hunt. After we find that special piece of property for the hunt we begin to place hunting stands and cutting shooting lanes. After we place our stands and decide the best direction to cut our shooting lanes we then begin to plant food plots and even place water for the animals. Only a hunter would understand all the hard work that is put in while hunting season is closed.

Love for Nature

When you can just set back and enjoy a beautiful sunset or set and watch small game and big game just to scout them out you love nature. My favorite time of the year is fall when hunting season just starts and all of the leaves are changing colors and you get that fresh new hint of autumn in the air. You can really appreciate the beauty of nature. A lot of times hunters will go out before the season opens and just set and watch and scout to see what nature has to offer them. A hunter has nature in his blood. He strives to be a part of it. He loves to feel the autumn air on his face and skin.

Respect and dedication to the animal

Regardless of what type of game a hunter is hunting a true hunter only takes his limit. He will only harvest what he can eat. A hunter understands why we have hunting seasons. It is a part of game management. If there were no hunting seasons to harvest the game we would be overwhelmed with animals. Regardless of what type of game it is the game still needs to be managed to protect them. If you lived in a place such as I do in South Louisiana you can see deer lying beside the road in ditches on a regular basis that have been hit by cars. This is one reason we have wildlife management for the animals protection.

Trophy search

Every hunter is always after that big one. A hunter should and always harvest the food they need for the year. A hunter should never just shoot it because it is there. I have a great respect for a hunter that will let game that is not fully developed go only to search for that once in a lifetime wall hanger. A trophy hunter is different from other hunters. They have a desire to harvest the biggest and the best. Regardless of the game you hunt we as hunters know and understand our fellow hunters.

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