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5 Places Where You Should Try Out Hunting

Are you a passionate hunter who just can’t get enough of this adrenaline pumping passion?

Are you thinking about all those places, where you can truly enjoy hunting?

If your answer to any of the aforementioned questions is yes, then you have landed on the right page. The art of hunting sets you up against nature. Test your survival skills out in the real world and gather your wits, for this recreational activity will take your breath away. Let’s find out all those places you should definitely choose as your hunting grounds.


South Africa

When you hear the word hunting, the first place that should come to your mind is South Africa. The wildlife is magnificent, making it a marvelous experience to scour the area for your prey. The feeling of nature surrounding you, with your prey in sight makes for a thrilling adventure. You can be sure to get yourself a challenge in these primeval grounds. Foreign visitors can take part in hunts especially organized for hunters.

Visit the Kruger National Park, Kalahari Gemsbok National park, and Pilanesberg Game Reserve for a thrilling and exciting time. These places offer big opportunities to hunt animals of all kinds, making them some of the highest visited places by hunters from all over the world.


What a stunning place this is, and guess what, it offers exceptional chances for hunting your hearts out, until you are completely satisfied. Often referred to as the “African Hunter’s Paradise”, the game reserves and national parks are just what you need to kick off the hunting season. With numerous game reserves specifically created for hunters, like the Selous Game Reserve, this place is the ultimate hunting destination.


Namibia is one of the most popular hunting destinations for Europeans. People travel from all over the world to this exotic location to experience the joy of hunting. So you can be sure to find many diverse creatures here, making the overall experience very interesting. There is always something for everyone, animals, or birds, take your pick and start on this exciting journey.


Mozambique is packed with wild forests, swamps, palm forests, and everything else that makes this place the ideal hunting ground. Its hunting industry is thriving these days, attracting many hunters, from all walks of life, who visit to fulfill their passion. Lions, elephants, leopards, and Cape buffalo are some of the prized trophies this place offers. If you still haven’t visited this amazing place, pack your bags and start your journey.


The untouched and stunning landscape of this beautiful country holds such beautiful wildlife, that it makes every hunter’s wildest dream come true. Mount Durmitor, Crmnica, Skadarsko Jezero, Ulcinj and many other hunting grounds are open, where hunters can hunt to their heart’s desire. Find all kinds of species here and take a prize home with you.

So, wait no more, and pack your bags for a hunting experience like no other in these spectacular places. You will not be disappointed.

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