Hunting, Fishing and Camping – Guides and Tricks

For anyone who loves outdoor sports, hunting, fishing and camping are the big three; there is nothing that compares to those activities. To those individuals, seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling nature all around is intoxicating. Even city dwellers make it a point to escape to the woods, whether it is a walk to a park located in their urban sprawl, or a grand escape to an actual rural environment. The outdoors calls to all of us. Those that take it to heart are quick and eager to explore their inner spirit, taking every opportunity to savor a day, a weekend, or longer with nature.

What is it, specifically, about hunting, fishing and camping that draws people to the outdoors? There are certain elements of each sport that compel individuals to engage in those activities with a passion.


Hunting is primal; it demands that the hunter learn skills, develop mental abilities, and hone natural instincts to be successful. They include:

How to handle weapons safely and effectively. This is a critical part of training and preparing to hunt. Hunters need to master bow and arrow or gun safety; it is a learned skill crucial to the sport.
The fine arts of stealth and stalking. Knowing how to essentially become a part of the environment, quietly and efficiently, ensures a better chance at success.
Knowing how and where to locate game. This important knowledge only comes with experience or training.
Eye-hand coordination. Learning how to aim and shoot properly will make the difference.
How to prepare the game for transporting if necessary. Depending on the size of the game, the hunter may have to skin, pack and carry it back to camp.
The hunter must develop strict mental focusing to stay ‘in the game’ effectively and avoid distraction. Without it, injuries can occur or the hunt may be ruined.
Man has been pursuing live game since day one. Becoming reacquainted with natural instincts that once were a daily part of man’s psyche is also essential for a successful hunt.

Those challenges are what draws the hunter out of individuals. Facing and conquering those challenges are what draws them back again and again.


While fishing is a milder form of a hunt, the challenge of man against beast — or in this case, fish — is still something that draws individuals to the sea or other bodies of water. Again, the fresh air and experience of nature in its rawest form are endearing factors. There is always a feeling of accomplishment being able to locate the right place where fish are feeding, select the right bait to use, and how to tempt the fish to bite, not to mention successfully landing that fish.


Of the three, camping is the most serene form of communing with nature. Nonetheless, there are still challenges: locating a suitable campsite; identifying a reliable source of firewood; preparing for whatever the weather might bring, and securing food. Relaxing by a crackling fire, enjoying a day’s catch of fish or other small game is a satisfying experience. Americans spend millions of dollars every year to enjoy it, be it with a tent, an RV, or under the stars.

However, enjoying the great outdoors is not just for the outdoors-man or sportsman; it is a wonderful experience for the entire family. Hot coffee on a warm, inviting campfire; the scent of burning firewood; eggs and bacon sizzling; birds chirping; leaves rustling in the wind; to millions of Americans, that is simply a most accurate description of heaven.